Helping You Fulfill Your Innermost Desires

Helping You Fulfill Your Innermost Desires

Helping You Fulfill Your Innermost DesiresHelping You Fulfill Your Innermost DesiresHelping You Fulfill Your Innermost Desires

A Unique Luxury Companion Currently Available in Las Vegas and Worldwide

About Lila Lang


Who is Lila Lang?

Who is Lila Lang?

Who is Lila Lang?

Coming from a diverse background, I was born to a Filipina mother and an American (French/Jewish) father, where I was raised in northern California.

Growing up, I was an avid fan of the arts, and anything that appealed to my eyes and ears, and stimulated my mind.  I was a very big daydreamer with a million goals and fantasies.  I am naturally more skilled in linguistics and writing, and I also took theater in school and have a huge appreciation for performance art as well.

Two years ago, inspired by dissatisfaction with my previous employment situation, I decided to take what I believed to be a big leap, and started webcam-modeling.  I was always very introverted growing up, so those who know me personally would have least expected it.  

After webcamming, unique life events brought me to one of the premier legal brothels in Nevada, where I worked as a courtesan and continued to open up my mind to things that I had previously considered to be taboo.

Today, I'm enjoying my life as an independent companion, connecting with people on multiple levels and helping them to discover and fulfill their individual desires.


Hang Out with Me

Who is Lila Lang?

Who is Lila Lang?


Not in the Vegas area or prefer to practice social distancing at this time?  I have experience as a webcam model and am offering $3/minute Skype sessions with a 20-minute minimum.  E-mail 😊

Private Dates

1 hr               500

1.5 hrs          650          

2 hrs            800     

2.5 hrs         900                                  

3 hrs            1000

*for extended time lengths or fly-me-to-you dates, please inquire*  

Social Dates

100 per hour

As of right now, for meet-ups cash is my preferred method.  I do not accept Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, etc. 

Money exchanged is for my time only.  I will not discuss the selling of anything other than my time. 


A Personal Touch

Who is Lila Lang?

A Personal Touch

If you're looking for an authentic experience with someone who is genuinely interested in connecting with you, and a safe space to freely express yourself in a nonjudgmental environment, then you've come to the right place.  

Time is valuable, and our time together shouldn't just be a cold transaction between two strangers.  It should feel personal and warm, and tailored to what it is that you want out of  your experience.  Whether you enjoy the companionship aspect or the simple practicality of it all, you are completely free to explore with me with no fear of judgment.

When you meet me,  I won't have a script memorized, and I won't be prepared with lines that I say and tell everyone else.  What you'll get is a real, unfiltered experience with a twenty-something female who is still figuring everything out.  I may come off as endearingly awkward, but in the end, our time together will feel less robotic and more like a real human interaction between two unique individuals.

Our time together should help you satisfy your deepest, most intense desires.

Words of Appreciation


"Lila was everything I was looking for and then some.  Super sweet and easy to talk to.  She is such a beauty and my time with her was nothing short of amazing.  I can hardly wait to spend more time with her!"


"I knew in an instant Lila was shy. To an extrovert, it’s a turn on; for anyone stirred by genuity, she will set you aflame. She was fairly new and liked doing the unexpected. Did I mention she’s part Asian, Caucasian, and part French? There wasn’t a trace of falsity in her, and the innocent enthusiasm and sensual body language she conveys rather than words ignited a fiery desire at the pit of my belly. An unsuspected experience again proving that surprises are the best parts of life."

Contact Me

I can't wait to meet you!

When contacting me, a minimum of 24 hours notice for our date is highly suggested to ensure my availability.

I am available for both in-calls and out-calls.  My in-call location is close to the Las Vegas Strip.  The exact address will be given once our date is set up.

Lila Lang

Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, United States

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